33+ Free Printable Pie Chart Templates [Excel+Word+PDF]

A pie chart template is a document having a circular illustration that looks like a pie. Every part of pie chart displays one category of data as part of the whole. Don’t use pie chart for too many data categories as it becomes complicated.

How a pie chart differs from other types of charts?

Let us discuss below other charts to know how the pie chart differs from them;

Bar chart

When you have to compare categories or understand at changes over time, these charts are easier to understand or interpret. The part-whole relationship is lacked by this chart that the pie chart advantageously has. In the pie chart, a change in one wedge automatically changes another. While, in a bar chart, this doesn’t apply to two bars.

Donuts chart

This chart is almost identical to a pie chart but, it has a blank space at its center. A donuts is used to include another layer of data. The objective of this chart is also to illustrate proportions.

Ring chart

Ring chart is a variation of pie chart. This chart has various layers and rings that display data hierarchies concentrically.

How to create a pie chart?

Here are the different that you can use to make a pie chart;

Using MS Excel

  • Enter each of the data’s label on the left-hand column in the spreadsheet.
  • After that, enter each of the corresponding data in the row next to it.
  • By clicking on the top cell, highlight the numbers and labels. Then, before you drag the mouse over everything you want to select, hold the mouse button.
  • Release the mouse button. After that, click on the small icon that appears beside the numbers.
  • Go to Charts and click on Pie chart to make it. You may also see organizational chart templates.

Using MS Word

  • Click on the “Insert” tab.
  • Click the “Chart” button.
  • Click ‘pie,’ on the left side. Then, select the style that you want for your chart. Select the style of your chart on the new window that pops up.
  • By typing the categories of your data, edit each of the labels.
  • By clicking on the chart’s title, edit it and input the title. According to your data, replace each of the values next to each of the labels.

Drawing your pie chart template

  • For drawing a circle on a piece of paper, use a mathematical compass. By keeping the needle still to make sure precision, turn the compass around to make a circle.
  • Sketch a line from the middle of the circle to its edge to make the radius.
  • You might have to place a dot in the middle after you move the needle on the basis of what your compass’ style is. After that, draw the line with a ruler.
  • By using the protector, line up the radius. By using the 90-degree mark on the protractor, draw a straight line upward. This is important to make the wedges of your pie chart.
  • By moving the cross hair every time, draw each of the slices. In the middle of the circle, you have to keep the cross hair. Then, add the first point of data to 90. For the next part that you calculate, draw each of the lines using the 90-degree point.
  • Now, color every segment and bring key for the pie chart. It becomes easy to find out what each of the slices refers to by color coding each section. By using a black marker to make all the colors pop, outline the circle and all of the pencil marks.


In conclusion, a pie chart template is a comparison tool used to compare statistics. It contains a circle with small sections that look like pie slices and therefore, the chart gets its name from its appearance.