31+ Free Printable Phone Message Templates [Word+PDF]

A phone message template is a document used to keep records all communication details. This document makes your communication more effective. Phone messages or voicemail greetings are the convenient way to communicate with the clients.

Phone message template and voicemail greetings:

They are used to take and record the call when the called person is not available on the phone. For any business, voicemail system is important to keep in touch with the customers and other important people. A professional voicemail informs the caller that the receiver isn’t currently available to pick up the call. It also informs them to leave a message. You can handle your missed call and engage the caller with this system.

Moreover, phone message template contains the details of important calls. Your return call builds a strong relationship between your business and your customers. It also shows professionalism. Also, this is unprofessional manner when no one picks up the call in the office or calls on hold for a long period. You can also lose your customers due to this.

The importance of a phone message template:

Here are some points that indicate the importance of a phone message template;

Record of phone calls

This document enables you to record the detail of every phone call you receive on your phone. It is considered as a smarter way to handle all the incoming calls. It includes the contact information of the caller that assists you in making some essential calls back easily.

Easy to use

It allows you to write down the details of all the calls efficiently. It has different sections to write down the name, time, message content, and other important messages.

Better communication

For your business communication, it would be best that every call should take a proper response from your company. It is an effective way to develop better communication with your colleagues, business partners, and customers.

Improving customer service

Customer’s trust and satisfaction in every business are important to achieve the desired goals. When you understand your customer’s needs then you can establish good communication with them.

Important elements of a phone message template:

The important elements that a phone message should include are the following;

  • The caller’s name and contact information
  • In case of personal call, the caller’s address and if the call is professional them just include the name of the company and department.
  • Name of the receiver for whom call is made
  • The message content
  • The date and time when the call is made

Benefits of using voicemail messages:

In business or personal communication, voicemail messages play an important role. It enhances the efficiency of your customer’s services. It informs the caller that you are not available to pick up the call. Let us discuss below the benefits of using voicemail messages;

  • It is an important part of customer service. The voicemail assists you in improving your communication skills with customers and others.
  • Picking up every call in the office or at home isn’t possible. You don’t have to hire a reception in your office to receive the incoming calls by having voicemail messages. You can provide a better service of communication with voicemail.
  • You don’t have to worry about important calls if you are using voicemails on your phone. You can ask them to leave a message in your recorded message.
  • The voicemail message saves time and effort of the customers and your business.


In conclusion, a phone message template is a communication tool that records incoming calls. This document is highly beneficial for the businesses as they have to keep a record of everything to make better decisions efficiently.