Personal Financial Statement Template Free 2019

A statement in which you give information about your financial position in the meantime. A personal financial statement is a written document that describes your assets and liabilities in order to avoid bad consequences related to your business or professional journey in future times.

Brief information about the Personal Financial Statement Template:

When you want to apply for loans, credits or sometimes debts from a bank or a company, you can use this Persoanl Financial Statement Template to show your name, position, authorities over any business or institution, and complete information of your current financial status. It generally contains your overall legal information or particulars.

Personal Financial Statement Template

Personal Financial Statement Word Template

Download Personal Financial Statement Template Word

In this template, you can read about the asked information either of individual or couple.

By providing information regarding your assets and liabilities you own at the time of statement you become able to apply for credit in banks.

Cash Balances and Bank Loans

Personal Financial Statement Template

Personal Financial Statement Template Features

A. Personal Financial Staement shows the total value of assets or resources an individual or business retains in daily life.

B. How much you own and where you invest money, Personal Financial Statement will be showing your final record till today.

C. Personal Financial Statement has a record of your total assets, bank balances, properties, and private chores.

D. When understanding the term net worth you will see how Personal Financial Statement asks only about the total weightage of your economy by subtracting the liabilities and other debts in case you have been already using loans for your business.

E. Positive net worth means you have a large number of assets and a low level of liabilities. Similarly, Negative net worth meaning is that liabilities are too high then your assets. Thus, Personal Financial Statement also asks about your ongoing debts or loans if you keep them in privately.

F. This statement is just like a “personal guaranteed written document” of an individual or a business company.

Thus, now you have carefully studied about Personal Financial Statement. Therefore, it has become very easy for you all to understand the template or sheet of Personal Financial statements given here on the website respectively.

Information About The Template:

As we have already mentioned above regarding two major factors which are being included in Personal Financial Statement. These are Assets and Liabilities. Assets are your life-time savings whereas liabilities show your total value of financial resources through subtracting the debts and loans from total Assets. Unpaid tax is also included in liabilities. For better understanding, the statement, download the template here.

Personal Financial Statement Template
Download Personal Financial Statement Template Excel

Example Of Personal Financial Statement Given In The Template:

Suppose you are applying for a bank loan. Now read carefully that how will you write Personal Financial Statement in case of speeding up your procedure to apply for a loan.


First of all, write the day, month and the year. (All you have to do is just edit the template nothing else). Then, write your name and mention the bank you are expected to get loan. Write the name of bank’s officer who provides loans to the customers. After that write address where you want to receive loan documents. Below this, you are going to agree with the present condition of your wealth and personal information. In the middle, write your total pay, fees and commissions or other financial sources in ‘others section’.

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Then write down your profession, and if you own other business resources write yes or no. After this, you are asked about your marital status and age and so on. Very common questions. If any case or statement is pending against you or alleged by corruption, kindly mention it in the blank. That’s it. Follow the instructions carefully, if in any case, you do not want to answer inappropriate questions in the document, leave blank or say none. Do not forget to sign the document by date.

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