27+ Free House Cleaning Checklist Templates[Excel+Word+PDF]

House cleaning checklist template is a helpful document used by the people if they are planning to clean their house or if they have a house cleaning business. It contains the schedule of chores. By using this document, cleaning of house becomes easier for you.

Important parts of a house cleaning checklist:

When you make mind to clean the house, the first thing is where to start. Then, by making house cleaning checklist you can easily overcome it. Moreover, some of the important tasks are mentioned below;

For living room:

Make the living room the first on your checklist. If you have a house cleaning business then the first place your client will inspect is living room. Also, a clean living room will be highly appreciated by your client.

For kitchen:

The cleaning of kitchen takes a lot of effort. This is because there is accumulation of grime and oily substances in the kitchen. The walls of kitchen look soiled. So, cleaning of kitchen is most important.

For bedroom:

Just notice that we live one-third of our lives in our bedrooms. Therefore, to maintain a clean and comfortable bedroom is important. You may also like Gift Letter Template.

For bathroom:

It is the place where we make ourselves clean so we should keep it clean as well. You can love your bathrooms if they are properly maintained.

For corridors or lobbies:

Due to their small sizes these parts of houses are usually get ignored. But these are the areas where most of the people unknowingly walk on them every day. They can make same impressions as much as any other place in the house.

How to pair with your house cleaning checklist?

Here are some helpful cleaning tips from professionals to pair with your house cleaning checklist;

Keeping and disposing:

  1. At first, before starting the chores play some music and then picking up clutter. Decide on which items to throw away and what to keep.
  2. The fewer items you have, the less you have to clean out. You should scrutinize the items such as books, newspaper, toys, etc. After scrutinizing, dispose of the things that you kids have no longer need.
  3. People usually fear to open their cupboards or closets due to hoarders. They have hoarded too much mess inside it. So, it’s time to organize and minimize them. You should then uncluttered your closets.


  1. You should use microfiber clothes while doing dusting. This is because it can reduce allergens. It also makes the quality of air inside your home better.
  2. Use a dampened cloth attached to the end of a mop to remove cobwebs.
  3. The glass items should be cleaned with cotton cloth having glass cleaner because it will prevent streaking.
  4. Clean the top of doors, light fixtures, fans, and picture frames.

Working with floor:

  1. Start mopping your floor from the farthest corner then gradually moves back towards the entrance. Additionally, clean your mop once in a while so that it doesn’t accumulate too much dirt.
  2. Keep your all cleaning equipment prepare to maintain the continuity in the chores.

The benefits of house cleaning checklist:

  • It prioritizes what need to be cleaned first.
  • You can assign tasks to every person in the house by using this checklist.
  • You can list down everything so you don’t have to do marathon cleaning anymore.
  • It makes sure that most easily forgotten areas are cleaned. You may also see To Do List Template.


In conclusion, a house cleaning checklist template is a useful document to make the schedule of chores. It provides detail description on what chores you need to do and how often. Making house cleaning checklist defines how to get things done and the chore isn’t that difficult. You can download them easily from any website.