31+ Free Printable Employee Schedule Templates [Excel+Word]

Organizations make employee schedule template to make things run more effectively and smoothly. They use the employee schedule to assign shifts to their employees and give each of them a copy to reference their time shifts.

What is an employee schedule template?

An employee schedule is a calendar used to facilitate employee scheduling in a place of work. The names of the employee, a weekly (or monthly) summary each employee’s schedule, and the roles they assume each day are included in this work schedule template. This document proves very useful in managing employee time. Furthermore, it can inform you who works each day in your work place.

What should be included in your employee schedule template?

An effective staffing schedule templates indicate the requirements of your business and the people working there. This indicates that the details that your schedule gives may fully vary from the details on other business’ employee schedule templates. You may also like the Project Schedule Template.

It is best to use custom-made templates while making an employee schedule because it saves time that you spent in preparing before getting to the actual scheduling. In addition to this, you don’t have to remake your template each time. Include the following basic information in your employee schedule;

  • One week or one month’s worth of days on the basis of how often the shifts of your employees change.
  • The names of the employees.
  • The schedule’s inclusive dates.
  • The business’ operating hours.
  • The contact information of the manager.
  • Some method to indicate the working hours of the employees.

How to make and use an employee schedule template?

By using an employee scheduling template, you can facilitate the scheduling of your employees. There is something that templates won’t do, so it have limitations. This is something where you have to get proficiency in. You should consider the following pointers while filling up a work schedule template;

Don’t change the whole shifting schedule each week

You should always keep in mind that you have to maintain consistency. You should standardize the shift start and end times. This way, there will be a consistency in employee schedules. Also, this reduces your work. When your employees request for leaves, it would be a lot easier to make adjustments in case you can standardize the schedule.

For the employees input, ask them and stick with a consistent cut-off time

For the time-off of employees, you can come up with a protocol on how to accept and process the requests. Set a deadline for the submission of such requests in order to make this more effective.

If you are tech-savvy, take advantage of scheduling apps and tools

From your Point of Sale (POS), pair your Excel schedule template with the data. When scheduling is based on sales rather than mere intuition, this assists you in making smarter decisions.

If required, call in reinforcements to complete your schedule

There will always be an influx of customers as you would expect while the holiday season rolls around. To take care of your guests, you have enough employees working so that they won’t return again. But, in case, you have too many employees more than what you require then you may have spending more than you should on them. By analyzing historical data, create your own forecast on holiday labor. This way, you can schedule enough employees before the holidays come. You may also see the employee training plan template.


In conclusion, your employee schedule template must contain employee names, business hours, inclusive dates, and contact details. You should format your employee schedule as a table. Additionally, use color-coding and photos of your employees to make the schedule easier to read.