29+ Free Email Sign up Sheet Templates [Excel+Word]

Email sign up sheet template is used by business owners to attract potential customers to their email list. Nowadays, email is considered as a significant technique in building the customer base for businesses. It has become one of the easiest ways to reach out to customers.

What is an email sign-up sheet?

An email sign-up sheet is used by businesses to collect email addresses from potential customers and leads. These forms are usually embedded on the business’ website. Visitors, who want to get added to the email newsletter, input their email address in the sheet.

Moreover, the best thing about email opt-ins is that you can make a pipeline of leads to have conversation with and nurture. Your email list can be a beneficial revenue source if you are convincing enough.

Why do you need an email sign-up sheet?

When people visit your website and they see your content and want to learn more then they input their email on your email sign-up sheet. This indicates that they are fully interested and engaged in what you have to say. Consider the following during making this sheet;

  • In order to convert users into subscribers in a small interval of time, your sign up process must be simple.
  • Create in such a way so that it leaves a great first impression of your business.
  • Your form should give over view of your users. It provides you an opportunity to learn about your target audience and what attracts them.

How to create an email sign-up sheet?

You should follow below steps in order to create an effective email sign-up sheet;

  • At first, create the form using a builder tool. May be your email marketing software already contain this template.
  • The components such as the form fields, the text, background, the call-to-action text, should be personalized. You can also customize the success message that makes sure the user has subscribed successfully. Then, move forward to personalize the finer details such as the font, the width of your form, button colors, and more. Here are some recommendations on how to make your sheet stand out;
  1. You should select minimal and clean for design.
  2. Try to use one column because too many columns make your sign-up process look confusing. This may discourage potential subscribers.
  3. Also, keep it clutter-free.
  4. Next, select the order in which you display the fields in your form and ensure that your email stands out along with your CTA. Be concise and clear with your language as well.
  5. Don’t just furnish your CTA button with the common “Subscribe,” you should also share benefits with the users.
  6. In order to add fields, just select a few and make these optional. This allows the users to skip over these and you still obtain the important email address. You can also add multi-list subscriptions in order to allow the subscribers to share their preferences or interests at sign-up. After that, place them on the corresponding lists.
  • Now, select your contact lists. You can choose more than one list where you save your subscribers. You can also create a new list if you want.
  • Also, create a confirmation email. You also have to decide a way to communicate the subscription confirmation to the potential subscribers. You can do this either by using an on-page confirmation or by sending personalized confirmation email.
  • Finally, insert the form to your business’s website and other strategic places. Your website’s homepage is the best place to place your form. Your form must be as visible as possible so that while going through your website users won’t miss it.


In conclusion, an email sign-up sheet template is an important tool for every email marketing strategy. Your email sign-up sheet should be well-designed so that it grabs the attention of visitors. It is a powerful tool for businesses to gather email address from potential customers.