28+ Free Drink Menu Templates [Word]

A drink menu template is given to diners in order to select the drink that will go best with their meal. With a well-made drink menu, they can select the drink they need without feeling overwhelmed. It can be considered as marketing or a simple impression-creating tool.

How to make a drink menu?

You should consider the following pointers to make your drinks menu designs;

  • There should be a variety of drinks in your menu because your customers get bored by receiving the same thing. You have to keep up with trends in order to marketing your beverages. Before deciding what types of drinks to put on your list, you should become an avid fan of mixology podcasts and blogs. All across the country, mixologists depends on the information they give. You don’t have to do research because they have already done.
  • You must create a menu that your customers easily avail in order to gain an advantage over your competition in a market. For this, you should pair your special drinks with meals or desserts. In this, your customers would enjoy the flavorful combinations.
  • The wine list displays to customers is already straight forward but you can give other beverage creations unique names. You should select unique names that reflect your restaurant’s theme. In addition, you can also use the name of the mixologist in one of the beverages.
  • You should add more attractive pictures of the beverages. Capturing a picture of a drink might sound easy. But it can be challenging if taking it to benefit your business. You must hire a professional for this task that knows how to highlight your beverages to their full advantage.
  • You aren’t done just by creating flavorful and unique masterpieces. Now, you have had the drink taste-tested; provide it a cool name, and hire a professionally-trained photographer capture photos of it.
  • After that, give a well-written description of the drink. Include all the ingredients used in each cocktail. The ingredient that has highest concentration start with it. Also, keep the description short.

Creating a menu template:

Let us discuss step-by-step how to create your alcohol menu design;

Select a theme:

Your menu should have a motif or theme. During planning the format, layout, and overall appearance of your printed menu, uses this theme.

Add all the relevant information:

After selecting the theme of your menu, gather all of the beverage items you want to include. This may contain the photos, descriptions, and price lists. Save the information in different file before start designing your template.

Download a template:

In creating your menu, use template to make things easier. You can download a printable template that has a design matches with your marketing theme or your restaurant’s brand image.

Customize the template as required:

Now, open the template on the design software of your choice then replace all of the text and picture placeholders with your beverage menu information. Moreover, add your business’ letterhead, slogan or logo into the template. In the end, you should save the template for future use.

Print out your template:

Finally, print out your restaurant’s own menu template to check how it looks.

Above all, use the menu making software that allows you to;

  • In one place, maintain all of your drink and cocktail menu templates.
  • To all of your templates, transfer your style and design.
  • You have to do a single process for updating all of your templates.


In conclusion, a drink menu template should be well-made that allows the diners to select the drink they want without feeling overwhelmed. You should include all the important information about the drinks that you offer. Try to make it interesting.