27+ Professional Company Profile Templates [PDF]

A company profile template is a useful document that you can use for advertising and branding your business. This document informs your customers about the services or products you offer. In your company profile, you should include an inspiring story on how your business started. This makes an impression on your target audience.

What is a company profile?

A company profile is a multi-page document that has all information regarding the company, its mission, services, and more. It has a detailed description of a company or a business. It is made to educate customers, investors, and employees.

Why do you require a company profile?

  • A company profile makes an opportunity for collaborations. It serves as a dossier that specifies the philosophy and roadmap of your business. Stakeholders check your profile to decide whether you are the right fit and possess the same business ethics that meet with their own aims.
  • An effective company profile can differentiate you from your competitors and persuade clients. Furthermore, it can raise capital and win investors. Thus, all of this leads to business growth.
  • It makes your brand identity through storytelling. This presentation allows you to tell the story of your brand, your company culture, and your strengths.
  • Your profile complements your brand promotion and sales strategy with the right positioning and segmentation.
  • The company profile is considered as a complementary and dynamic brand awareness tool. It can assist you in making new business relationships and penetrate new markets.

What to include?

If you are making a company profile for the very first time then you might think it as an intimidating task. However, you can use a company overview template. It allows you to confidently explain your company’s strengths. Also, consider your company profile as your company resume.

When you are making the profile, include the following information;

  • Basic information regarding the company
  • The business information of your company
  • Notable achievements of your company
  • Optional information like photographs, financial targets, annual sales, partners, and number of employees. You may also like project brief templates.

Tips to follow in order to make your company profile shine:

With a truly shine company profile template, you can make a great first impression on your potential customers. Follow the below tips to make your document stand out;

  • The basic information like the company name, the physical address, contact details, a website URL, and the date you established your business should be included in your profile.
  • Always pay attention to your company’s high-level overview.
  • Give a timeline of the story of your company that includes details regarding future plans for growth or expansion.
  • The recognition or awards that are earned by your company since it established. You should specify the things that make your company stand out among other competitors.
  • Your main purpose is to show your company’s missions or values instead of just the products or services that you offer. Bear in mind that in your products customers won’t feel interested until they begin trusting your brand.
  • Give statistics and figures to assist validate your claims.
  • In your company profile, you can include visuals, videos or graphics on the basis of your audience. For example, in case, your audience is the younger generation then it makes sense. But, you may want to stick with more traditional presentations if your audience is the older generation.


In conclusion, a company profile template is a marketing tool used by businesses to indicate their brand’s products, services, and activities. An effective company profile should be more than just a brochure.