28+ Free Checklist Templates [Excel+Word]

A checklist template is an important document used to list down all the activities or tasks you need to do so. With the help of a checklist, you can achieve them in a systematic and orderly manner. You should definitely create your own checklist template if you have a lot of things to remember and do.

The purpose of a checklist template:

You can use checklist for multiple purposes. You can use the checklists to;

  • Verify the development of activities so that you can’t forget them or miss any of the steps or complete them in specific order.
  • Perform inspection and record the points that you have already inspected.
  • Check the implementation of standard operating procedures.
  • Obtain information to identify where or why the non-conformities and incidences happen.
  • Check the causes of issues.
  • Verify product specifications and gather information for further identification.

Generally, you can use a daily checklist to do regular inspections and tests. This is done to ensure that none of your employees forget any of their daily tasks. This document makes you able to organize and systemize repetitive controls and tasks you have to perform.

Different styles and types of checklist:

There are different types and styles of checklists you can use depending on your purpose;

To-do checklist:

This type of checklist is used in offices and houses all over the world. It consists of tasks which you need to accomplish. You can prioritize these tasks according to how important they are.

Task or how-to checklist:

It comes in the form of an outline use to demonstrate the procedure one step at a time. For the accomplishment of the procedure, include the list of instructions to follow. This style works well if you want to teach a certain process.

Do-confirm checklist:

This checklist comes in handy when you require to cover tasks you accomplish from memory. Pilots use this checklist to ensure that they don’t overlook anything such as locking the brakes of the plain, etc. Without having to depend solely on his/her memory, it helps the pilot fly an airplane safely. You can also use it for planning a business trip or giving speeches.

Troubleshooting checklist:

It is a versatile checklist and looks like a task checklist. There is no need to create an outline of the procedure and you should offer a solution for cases when procedures go wrong.

Coordination checklist:

The coordination checklist is used by the bigger organizations and businesses. It is especially used in the businesses where no single employee can understand the entire endeavor. You have to take steps to resolve this issue so that specialists can communicate with one another.

Discipline checklist:

It is used to avoid making wrong decisions usually when you are in the heat of the moment. You can create this checklist when you are in a rational and calm state of mind. It includes procedures that you should follow when it’s time to make decisions.

How to create a checklist?

Below are the steps to create your own checklist;

  • At first, download a checklist template from any website. You should select one that is appropriate for your business and then customize it as required.
  • Your checklist must contain the objectives and goals i.e. what the checklist is and what you want to achieve by the end of the checklist.
  • For business purposes, you have a signed contract that contains all of the details why you need to create the checklist.
  • After that, you have to create list of all the items that should be part of your checklist.


In conclusion, a checklist template is a helpful document used to organize and systemize repetitive tasks you have to do. You should download a checklist template and then all you have to do is customize it. Additionally, you can use different types of checklists depending on your purpose.