Bill of Materials Excel Templates Free 2019

Bill of Materials Excel Templates also called BOM Excel Template, Let us suppose you have a new product in mind, you know it is going to be successful and it’s going to bring in a lot of profit. What you would need to do is make a comprehensive report on the raw materials required to produce that certain product you have in mind. But how are you going to do that? Where ae you going to start? What does this report require? Do not worry; we have the perfect template right here for you. All you need to do it keep on reading.

Bill of Materials Excel Templates

Bill of Materials Excel Templates

What Is Bill of Materials (BOM)?

It is exactly what you would need to know the potential of your end product. In other words, “A bill of materials or BOM is a long, detailed list of raw materials required to manufacture a certain product”.

A bill of material would include the following things:

BOM Excel Template

bills of materials
  1. Raw Materials
  2. Parts
  3. Items
  4. Assemblies
  5. Sub-assemblies
  6. Components
  7. Sub-components

And their quantities that a needed to create the end-product.

This is the expression everyone uses to express Bill of Materials. It is the Recipe and the Shopping list for the production of a certain product. Bill of Materials can also be called a product structure or recipe as stated before. It is something required by every industry, every company, regardless of the category of products they make.

The industry’s BOM is used in include fashion and design industry, engineering, information technology, cosmetics, food etc. All of these industries (and more) require Bill of Materials for the manufacture of their products. That is why the bill should be error free and accurate. So that the manufacture of you end product can start as soon as possible without any delay so you can use Bill of Materials Excel Templates.

How to Make an Effective Bill of Materials on Excel Templates

To make an error free Bill of Materials, all you need is a good understanding of the end product you are manufacturing. If you go through the following steps, you are sure to end up with a very accurate BOM:

  1. List down all the parts/ assemblies of the product. Be very thorough with this.
  2. Assign each part or assembly a level in order for everyone to understand the bill easily.
  3. Assign number to every part or assembly.
  4. Assign name for the part/assembly that is uniquely its own
  5. Give a detailed description for every part.
  6. Write down the quantity required or used.
  7. Add a unit of measure (if required) to quantify the parts.
  8. Record the cost of each part, and then calculate the total cost.
  9. Lastly, write down all the extra details required.

Why it is Beneficial

bill of materials in excel template

The reason a BOM is so effective is because it serves as an arranged foundation for the production and planning of a certain product, which in turn helps the system ultimately.

What Bill of Materials Excel Templates Offers

To simplify the process stated above, we offer you a pre-made simple Bill of materials in excel. This template will guide you through your process of making an accurate Bill of Materials. You may also like Cash Payment Receipt Template.

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Bill of Materials Excel Template
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